August 2, 2016

We are officially announcing the closure of eXtremeCast Games. We have enjoyed meeting the amazing people who made our games what they were and appreciate the e-mails asking if we're alright. Please know that we are happy and life is going well. Perhaps a little too well, as that is the reason we are closing up shop. We know that you will miss the games and we will miss you guys, but please understand and respect our decision. It was not one we made lightly. To most of you, the games were something you played when you were in the mood. For us, it was fairly all consuming. We apologize that it has taken us this long to update the community, but life has been going at full speed. We are finally at a point where our lives are all about us and we're taking the time to enjoy it! We'll cherish the memories and hope that you do as well.

rez & Nyx